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Creating a Paneled Stacked Bar / Line - Possible?

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Creating a Paneled Stacked Bar / Line - Possible?

I have created a stacked bar chart with a line that uses a Y2 axis.  I did this in sgrender because I actually creating 4 different plots that represent 4 different areas in a dashboard like configuration.

The next step is to create a drill down on this dashboard.  Think of this first plot as representing overall Area and now I need to create this same plot for the sub areas of which there are 6, but I would like to make it so the data drives the identification of the subareas because I don't know that there will only ever by 6.

My hang up is creating a Y2 axis in either an sgpanel with a panelby or the sgrender in a datalattice or datapanel option.  I am using SAS 9.2 btw.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

stacked bar with Y2 line.png

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