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Creating a Dashboard

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Creating a Dashboard


I am on a mission to create a Dashboard using Base SAS and SAS/Graph. I am VERY new to SAS and have no experience creating a Dashboard. That being said, this is what I’m looking for…..

…..I want a dashboard that easily shows performance (visit growth, revenue growth etc) aggregate and (for the client) segmented by property name – I’m looking to display the last 12 months of trends. Also Year/Year (ex. March 12/ March 11 percentage inc/ dec) comparisons and Month/ Month comparisons (March12/Feb 12 % inc/dec) are helpful to see.

I've attached a sample of the data that I need to use.

Again, I am 100% new to this. If any one has any/write sample code to get started with, advice, assistance with the program it will be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Creating a Dashboard

You have many options. This blog - Graphically Speaking - will provide you many ways you can display your data using SG Procedures and GTL.  Here is an article on how to create Bullet Graph Dashboards using GTL.  You can also use SAS/GRAPH procedures to create many types of graphs.

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Re: Creating a Dashboard

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You can also create "traditional" dashboard KPIs with PROC GKPI.  Example here:

Here's an image of the result:

As with many reporting tasks, most of the work will probably be in the data prep...


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Re: Creating a Dashboard

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Hi Chris:

I was looking at the "snackboard" and I'm wondering how you get multiple outputs from PROC GKPI on the same page?

I assume us used HMTPANEL because I tried using PROC TEMPLATE and that would not work.

Is the complete code available?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Creating a Dashboard

In my example, I used the SAS Report Builder in SAS Enterprise Guide.

But you can do it programmatically with ODS Layout, as in this example:


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Re: Creating a Dashboard

What you're wanting to do will be a bit challenging for a beginner - but it can be done! Smiley Happy

I would suggest that you first focus on determining the individual graphs that best summarize your data, and answer the questions you want to answer from the data.  Once you have the individual graphs, then focus on getting them together all on the same page in a dashboard (or, you might even decide that they don't need to be on the same page!)

Here are a few re-usable graphs, created using traditional SAS/Graph, that might be useful in dashboards:

And here are some examples of full-blown dashboards created using SAS/Graph:

And this new SAS/Graph book describes in detail how 2 of the graphs were created:

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