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Convert UTM data to latitude and longtitue

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Convert UTM data to latitude and longtitue



I have large no. of data whcih have below columns. I want to convert these UTM values to  latitude and longtitue but i done have UTM zone data.


Cust id, UTM Easting,UTM Northing 





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Re: Convert UTM data to latitude and longtitue

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Hi and apologies for no one replying sooner.  I don't know anything about UTM data (all my GIS data comes to me in LAT/LONG format) but I did some searching and found a very old SAS paper that should be able to help  It's from 1987 but the math would still be right and the methods would still work.


Your other option is to look at PROC GPROJECT - i saw people converting LAT/LONG to UTM, so I imagine it should be able to go the other way as well.


Good luck and please post back what you end up using, I'm curious!

Have a good day



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