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Controlling graph output in ODS LISTING

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Controlling graph output in ODS LISTING

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to control the image output in using ODS GRAPHICS and ODS LISTING destination.

I am aware that ODS GRAPHICS can be used to specify image format, image name, size of image and etc., and the resolution can be specify in the ODS destination. However when I used ODS LISTING to create individual graph at a specific resolution (say 200dpi), I could not change the default resolution of 100dpi. Am I missing something?

Other question, people used to run GOPTIONS to make graphs, but it seems that many of the common image settings can be controlled with ODS GRAPHICS and ODS destination statement. I was wondering if it is necessary to run any GOPTIONS statements my situation. Thanks!

PS. I am running Window SAS 9.2 TS2M3. Assuming PROC SGPLOT was used to generate the above graph.
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Re: Controlling graph output in ODS LISTING

For your first question, you can control the DPI of images from ODS Graphics by using the IMAGE_DPI option on the ODS LISTING/RTF/HTML statements. For ODS PDF and PRINTER, use the DPI (which affect the whole output, tables and all).

For the second question, GOPTIONS do not apply to ODS Graphics. Just use the ODS GRAPHICS statement to control global options in this system.

Hope this helps!
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