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Connect 2 Plots into a Single 3D Plot

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Connect 2 Plots into a Single 3D Plot

One of my company's VPs just sent me the horrible-quality plot that I have attached below and asked me to replicate it with some of our own study data.  I am not sure where to start.  I am fairly new to SAS graph.  Basically, the blue bars represent a waterfall plot where the x-axis is an individual patient and the y-axis is the best percent change in tumor volume.  The green bars represent a swimmer plot where the x-axis is again the individual patients and the z-axis is the time on study.  Normally, I make both plots in PROC SGPLOT using the needle statement for the waterfall plot and the highlow statement for the swimmer plot.  I don't expect anyone to do the coding for me, but can someone point me in the right direction on how to attache the 2 plots into a single 3D image?

3D Bar.png

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Re: Connect 2 Plots into a Single 3D Plot

I'm not able to see the attached image. Did it appach ok? (maybe try including it as a 'Photo' in a comment)

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Re: Connect 2 Plots into a Single 3D Plot

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I could not see your graph attachment.

A similar question was posed earlier (not in the SAS Communities site).  That 3D graph is in the link below.

Often a 2D plot is better for understanding the information, especially when the data is really 2D.

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