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Component Pattern Profiles

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Component Pattern Profiles

I am attempting to analyze this profile based on what I'm reading in the SAS User Guide to PRINCOMP Procedures. This was all I could find regarding Component Pattern Profiles, but I'm not sure if it applies or if I'm analyzing the results correctly.  In the Guide on page 6662, it states:

"Output 77.3.8 (below) shows a component pattern profile. As is shown in the pattern plots, the nearly horizontal profile from the first component indicates that the first component is mostly correlated evenly across all variables."

So based on their example, my questions are, when you're doing a Component Patterns Profile, is it only the first component that you can compare the rest of the other components to that would indicate correlation?  Because in my Profile below, it's Component #9 that is nearly horizontal.  I'm not sure if it makes a difference in the order of the components?

My second question is, Component #9 in my Pattern Profile (shown below) runs exactly along the X-axis (0.0) line.  So it's value is equal to zero...does that make a difference?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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