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Change axis value for boxplot

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Change axis value for boxplot

im trying to plot using proc boxplot, but when i set the vaxis to the range that i want, sas gives me the error:

WARNING: For process variable X the VAXIS= values specified do not cover the data range.

WARNING: Default scaling is substituted.

I just want to zoom in on the boxplot to better see the changes in the medians. Is there a way for SAS to ignore the fact that my vaxis won't cover all of the data?

(note: i was somehow able to zoom in using vaxis two days ago, but today when i tried it, this warning kept coming up)


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Re: Change axis value for boxplot

Providing a sample of the code would be helpful.

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Re: Change axis value for boxplot

We have some great samples graphic samples that you might find useful.   They are available on at

I always find sample code helpful. I hope you find this to be a useful resource as well.

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Re: Change axis value for boxplot

If you are using proc gplot to get the boxplot, you can try using INTERPOL=BOX25 in the symbol statement. This will restrict the values to the 25th to 75th percentile.

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