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Calendar Style Output

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Calendar Style Output

Hey guys,

I'm looking to create something along the lines of a Calendar or Daily Schedule.
Where by it will have a list of Rooms across the top
a list of Times down the side (maybe hours, or half hour increments)

to show bookings availability.

I realise i could probably format the data in a way to enable a basic table to do what i want, but i'm trying to find if there is a simpler way that i'm yet to find.

I've looked at Proc Calendar but it seems to be more based around days rather then time.

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Re: Calendar Style Output

Maybe check out the SAS/OR procs (such as 'proc gantt')?

Also, here's a custom SAS/GRAPH plot you might could modify to do what you're wanting...
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Re: Calendar Style Output

John W,
try and use the annotate facility. It allows you to create x and y and plot them along.
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