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Box plot not displaying error bars...

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Box plot not displaying error bars...


I am new to SAS graph...I have attached a sample of boxplot, it's missing the errorbars from two timepoints but showing up on baseline. I want the error bars to be displayed can someone please help.The error bars shows up in SPSS using the same data but not in SAS.

I am using  sgplot procedure


proc sgplot data=test noautolegend ;
vbox Score / category=visit connect=mean;
xaxis label='Assessments';
yaxis label='Score';

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Re: Box plot not displaying error bars...

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They're whiskers, not error bars, and yes there's a difference. 


They are shown, but your data doesn't have a variable distribution so I would check your data to ensure that you have the same in SPSS and SAS. You can kind of see that very easily on the second and third plots. The second one has the bar just above the top line, barely distinguishable, and the third has it at the bottom. 


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Re: Box plot not displaying error bars...

Sorry for the use of wrong term and thanks for the help...

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