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Bolding and Italics in PROC GANNO

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Bolding and Italics in PROC GANNO


We have recently moved our environment to a Windows setup and I am trying to make better use of the fonts that are available. I have been changing some of our annotate code over to use ARIAL, but I am trying to find some equivalants to some of the stlye options we used in out code like style='swissb' and style='swissi'. I have tried style='ARIAL/BOLD' and style='ARIAL/ITALIC' but they result in font substitution. How can I bold and italic the arial font in the style setting?

Any help would be much appreciated

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Re: Bolding and Italics in PROC GANNO

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There are many factors when dealing with fonts (which version of SAS you're using, which output device you're using, etc), but in general these arial fonts should work on a PC for you.

Without seeing the code or your annotate data set, my best guess would be that you are letting your 'style' variable auot-set to a length, and that length isn't long enough to hold these longer font names (you can do a "proc print" of the annotate data set to check this).

If that's the problem, you can fix it by assigning a longer length, such as ...

data my_anno;
length style $30;
/* remember - that's double-quotes inside single-quotes, or vice versa. */
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