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Blank page in Proc greplay/gslide

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Blank page in Proc greplay/gslide

Hi ,


I have generated graph using proc gplot and proc greplay and generated common titles and footnote using gslide, everything went well, but only issue is when the code is executed the first page is generated with only with titles and footnotes and on the second page all the four graphs fit into a single page with common titles and footnotes. The titles are extracted using excel sheet and after that proc gslide is run .The concern is with the first blank page with only titles and footnotes, How to control the proc glside with out displaying the first blank page . The report is generated in PDF. How to delete this blank page .

Below is the sample code ;


*for 4 graphs

proc gplot ;




%macro for extracting the titles and footnotes;


proc gslide gout=work.grph_cat name="gslide";



ods pdf file ="&path.pdf;

proc greplay tc=work.grphcat nofs  ;

 /*4 GRAPHS -- with background slide for title and footnote*/
  tdef graph4
 /*Top left*/
   1/llx=0 lly=50 ulx=0 uly=93
      urx=49 ury=93 lrx=49 lry=50
  /*Top right*/
   2/llx=51 lly=50 ulx=51 uly=93
      urx=100 ury=93 lrx=100 lry=50
  /*Bottom left*/
   3/llx=0 lly=6 ulx=0 uly=49
      urx=49 ury=49 lrx=49 lry=6
  /*Bottom right*/
   4/llx=51 lly=6 ulx=51 uly=49
      urx=100 ury=49 lrx=100 lry=6

  /*title and footer)*/
   5/llx=0 lly=0 ulx=0 uly=100
      urx=100 ury=100 lrx=100 lry=0


ods pdf close ;


Thanks in advance for your resolutions.

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Re: Blank page in Proc greplay/gslide

tdef only creates the template. You need a TREPLAY to use the defined template.


You may need to supply a lot more information about the name of the graph file you are replaying from gslide and such.


Or possibly wander into the area of PDF layout and SGgraphics instead of device based graphics.

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