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Best practices graphs which are clickable

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Best practices graphs which are clickable

Currently we have these graphs in SAS AF with proc shewhart but we want to bring it to the web (Stored Processes).

In our AF application we have things like clicking on the graph to:

1  flyer

2  set a date border

3  see the data behind the point


A few questions:

is proc shewhart available in sas 9.2 on a windows machine in stored processes

is there any example of a clickable proc shewhart? or by annotation functions?

I'm just exploring what is possible and what is not..

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Re: Best practices graphs which are clickable

The non-SAS/Graph procs run a little differently as Stored Processes, but I think they should work.

Per giving the user something to click on to launch the extra reports -- one way to do that would be to use "proc gslide" and create a slide with several "buttons" annotated on it (the buttons could consist of annotate bar/block with annotated text, and the 'html' variable in the annotate data set could have the drilldown url to go to, or the Stored Process webapp url to generate it on the fly).  You could specify "goptions xpixels=800 ypixels=100;" to make the gslide wide but not very tall, so it is like a "banner" above (or below) the shewhart output.

This is just one way to do it (there might be better ways!)  Smiley Happy

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Re: Best practices graphs which are clickable

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Thanks for your answer. I will try it out. Any other thoughts?

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