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Banner Image with GPLOT

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Banner Image with GPLOT

Hi All:

I think I must be missing something here....

Firstly, I'm running ODS HTML in SAS 9.1.3 to create a HTML page with a graph on it.

I am using the sample code provided in Usage Note 23485 to add a banner to my HTML output by adding the image as a image tag in my title1 statement.

This works fine for PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE. When I do this using PROC GPLOT these image statements become imbedded into the plot GIF as text.

How do I move this code out of the GIF and into the HTML that is generated to produce the HTML document? I

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Banner Image with GPLOT

I've never used the technique you're using, but perhaps using the "nogtitle" option will make it work (?)


If you can't get that working, here's an example that uses a different technique (a prehtml tag in the ODS style) to put an image banner above the graph...
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