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Amateur Sas user needs help!!

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Amateur Sas user needs help!!

i've created a nice calibration plot for my logistic regression model using proc reg.  I have three calibration plots looking at the model calibration for three different subgroups. I am trying to display the graphs with the same vaxis so they are comparable.

here is my effort to control the Vaxis of my graph

ods graphics on;

proc reg data=crh;


model x*y;

plot x*y/Vaxis=0 to 2.4 by 0.5;


ods graphics off;

my issue is that my ODS output as a beautiful graph tieh 95% confidenec limits and prediction limits however the axis is not scaled.

I also get a second plot with the axis scaled as i specified. this plot is not as details as the ods output

My question is how do i get the ODS outputted graph to have the scaled axis as well??



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Re: Amateur Sas user needs help!!

Unfortunately I think to customize those plots you'll have to modify the template.

You may be better off grabbing the output, prediction intervals etc and plotting using sgplot instead.

PS. Consider cross posting this in the graphics forum so one of the graph people can answer it Smiley Happy

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Re: Amateur Sas user needs help!!


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Re: Amateur Sas user needs help!!

Not critical but you will often get unexpected results in any of the axis controls when you use a value1 to value2 by value3 clause when value3 doesn't actually evently divide the interval. Your example might work better with 0 to 2.5 by 0.5 as the 2.4 isn't a "nice" multiple of 0.5.

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