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Alberta map - rotate to center on page

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Alberta map - rotate to center on page

Statistics Canada has released the files for the new census boundaries and I'm trying to create a map for Alberta.

The data they provide is for all of Canada, so if I map all of Canada the map appears correct, but if I map only Alberta it's rotated. I'd like to rotate it a centered version, more similar to what you'd see in Google Maps - with the top boundary parallel to the top of the page. 


Is there a straightforward option to do this? GPROJECT? My Google/Search is failing me today Smiley Sad


I've attached a data step version to create the file required for mapping, in a text file (zipped because it was too big otherwise) and the code to create the map is below.

Other features that would be nice, that I'll work on next:

  • Create HTML where a mouse hover shows CSD name and population (from DATA table)
  • Full AB boundaries, even if no information is present. 
proc gmap map=alberta_CSD2016;
   id csdname  ;
choro csdname; 





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Re: Alberta map - rotate to center on page

Looking at the data in your map data set, it appears to be projected.

It is a similar projection to our MAPSGFK.CANADA data set.  If you do all of Canada it is on the same angle as when you display Alberta only.  You need to find what projection it is in to "unproject" it with Proc GPROJECT and the PROJ4 options (From= and To=).

Here is the code:

data alberta;  set mapsgfk.canada; 
  /*Uncomment for UNPROJECTED*/ /*x=long; y=lat;*/ 
  if id1="CA-48" then output; run;
proc gmap map=alberta data=alberta; id id; choro id; run;

Here is MAPSGFK.CANADA projected and unprojected:



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