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     I currently generate output using ODS HTML, which contains a graph,and a table beneath it, using the ACTIVEX device driver.  This code has been in production for at least a couple of years.  Recently, a minor change to the input dataset was made.  Now, for some reason, some users can see the graph and the table, and other users can only see the table.

    If I use a different device, such as ACTXIMG, it seems that everyone can see both the table and the graph.   I can't find out what may have changed to cause this .  Also, there is other code still running, that creates output in the same manner, that everyone can still see.


Any thoughts ?

Thanks, Tom


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Re: Activex

Curious - if you use data from before the change, and re-generate the dev=activex graphs with your current version of SAS, can all the users see the graph?


Sounds like maybe some users installed an older SAS/Graph activex control than others. That's the only reason I can think of why some users can view the new-data graphs and some can't.


My recommendation would be to avoid the dev=activex (and dev=java) versions of the SAS/Graph output. I would recommend using dev=png.



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Re: Activex

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Yes, the users can see the graphs created with the old data, But with the only change being the input dataset, some users can not see the graphs.....but still see the previous graphs. Possibly I should have these users download the current activex control ?
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