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unusual error with proc X12

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unusual error with proc X12

I am getting following error while using an exogenous variable with X12.

I cant post the code here


any guesses with that may be the reason?


"ERROR: Starting date for the span of the data, . , must begin on or after the starting date for user defined regression
variables, JAN1960."

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Re: unusual error with proc X12

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The span of any user-defined regression variables should include the span of the series to be seasonally adjusted, including backcasting or forecasting. For example, suppose that your user-defined regression variable has a span of [01JAN2017,31DEC2017], but your series has a span of [01JAN2016,31DEC2018], then the span of the data begins BEFORE the span of the regression variables.

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Re: unusual error with proc X12

My guess - you have a mismatch of types between date and datetime. 

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