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SAS Forecast Studio -- stored process to store output

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SAS Forecast Studio -- stored process to store output

Hello guys,

SAS FS Studio allows analysts doing their forecasts in an interactive way.

One recurrent question I do have is: "now that I have adjusted my forecasts, how can I retrieve all outcome to play with output - say in SAS/EG + store for future usage?"

Some sample stored proc give such output but do not allow "direct" access to SAS/FS internal datasets.

In case of a project with hierrchy, also, output datasets are stored in several libraries (one per level).

Didn't anyone already have this question?

My first feeling is that we have to put in place a stored process based on internal parameters &HPF_ (cf. administration guide).

I have seen that in release 12.1 there is a PROC HPFREPOSITORY but before my customers will have this version...

Any existing framework?



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Re: SAS Forecast Studio -- stored process to store output

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Hello Eric -

Did you consider using the SAS Forecast Server Administrative Macros to accomplish this task?

I understand that you are not on 12.1 yet - but they have been around in previous versions already.

See Chapter 12 of the SAS Forecast Server 4.1Administrator's Guide for example - in particular you might want to draw your attention to the FSLOAD macro, which opens an existing SAS Forecast Server project, and loads global macro variables that describe the project.



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Re: SAS Forecast Studio -- stored process to store output


Thanks also fot his answer.

I did indeed have a look at FSLOAD macro + available macro-variables for SP within SAS/FS Studio.

I was hopping something already packaged did exist.

Nevertheless, I do have all elements to build my solution (except that in our environment, calling FSLOAD fails due to access right -- cause: use of Citrix).


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