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Running start-up code in Forecast Studio

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Running start-up code in Forecast Studio

How do you run start-up code the first time when creating a new forecast project?  My data source requires a LIBNAME statement to connect.  When I add the start and stop code and advance to select the data set, my new library is not an option and FS will not let me save and close the project without completing all the set up processes.


The only solution that have found so far is to create a project with a random data set, close and reopen it so the start-up code can actually run, and then rebuilding the project with the data I actually want to use.  Having my admin assign new libraries to the server config every time I have a new or modified data source is not a practical solution.


EM has a 'run now' capability that addresses this scenario making new data sources immediately available.


I am working in v9.4 M4 with all patches/hotfixes applied with FS v14.2



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Re: Running start-up code in Forecast Studio

Hi hixsone,


Unfortunately SAS Forecast Studio doesn't have a way to run project start code immediately like SAS Enterprise Miner does. (Though that would be nice Smiley Happy )


It also is not recommended to use project start-up code to specify the input libraries for a project. This is because the Workspace Server connection has already been made, so the timing of this library assignment is not appropriate for the input data. However, the easiest way to access new or modified data without having to register the tables is by creating what is called an "Automatic environment library". This has to be configured for use just one time in SAS Management Console. It will act similarly to Enterprise Miner's project start code, and assigns the libraries behind the scenes. Check out the SAS Forecast Studio Administrator's Guide (chapter 6 Creating and Configuring Libraries) for more info. 


This SAS Note has more information on troubleshooting libraries in SAS Forecast Studio:  


Hope this helps!

Jess Mayo

SAS Technical Support

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