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Regarding Forecasting

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Regarding Forecasting

I created some custom models using HPFARIMASPEC and HPF select.Most of the arima models were created.Using HPF select I have saved the repository in SASHELP library.

When I am trying to use this model in forecast studio.The selection is done in forecast settings(of forecast studio),models tab,checking the models from the external list.This external list is pointing to the repository that I have created earlier.

The problem is not selecting any models from that list whereas with a similar data sets it is working in another enviroment.Is there any setting I need to do.

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Re: Regarding Forecasting

Hello -
Unfortunately it is very difficult to analyze the problem you are facing in an appropriate manner in this discussion forum. In particular since this has worked before with a similar data set in another environment.
As such I would suggest to contact Technical Support sing our online problem submission form (
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