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New book announcement: Next Generation Demand Management

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New book announcement: Next Generation Demand Management

A practical framework for revenue-boosting supply chain management!


A company’s revenue predictions are only as strong as the supply chain management system, regardless of the size and complexity of the organization. Many businesses have found implementing a proven, more structured process has been the catalyst to overcoming lingering obstacles holding them back from reaching their goals. Next Generation Demand Management gives you a better framework for building the foundation proven to fuel growth.


Written by an international thought leader and practitioner in business forecasting, this next generation demand management framework radically improves the traditional supply chain demand forecasting and planning function while never losing focus on continually improving customer excellence. It moves beyond the typical demand-driven approach to a holistic view of the supply chain by identifying the commercial organization as a critical component of the unconstrained demand forecast. By doing so, it elevates demand generation, revenue, and profitability, along with customer service levels, and reduces inventory costs, waste, and working capital.


This book provides a practical framework for efficient implementation, and complete guidance toward the supplementary changes required to reap the full benefit.

  • Learn the key principles of demand driven planning
  • Implement new behaviors, skills, and processes
  • Adopt scalable technology and analytics capabilities
  • Align inventory with demand, and increase channel profitability

Whether you’re currently in the field or plan to be soon, the revealingly illustrative examples of companies applying covered concepts in the real world enables you to implement strategies more easily the first time. Watch your revenues soar with more accurate predictions of how demand will impact your supply chain with Next Generation Demand Management.

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