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Moving SAS Forecast Studio projects

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Moving SAS Forecast Studio projects

We recently installed SAS Forecast Studio. We have a few projects we've developed scattered about various subdirectories. We would like to phyically move these to organize our storage space. While I can easily use a non-SAS tool to cut and paste Forecast Studio folders, I'm wondering what the implications will be to the metadata. I cannot find a SAVE AS function within the FS toolbar. I do not have access to the Management Console, but I could request the admin to make the moves from the console, if that is the best solution. What is the suggested approach?
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Re: Moving SAS Forecast Studio projects

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For SAS Forecast Server 2.1 there are a couple of very nice project management macros available which allow you to copy, move, delete, etc. Forecast Studio projects.

For earlier version you might want to check out the archive feature of Forecast Studio. You will need to archive your projects first and then un-archive them later on.

To confirm your statement: please refrain from simply cutting and pasting the respective folders outside of SAS as it will impact the metadata and will make your projects unusable.
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