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How to create multiple time series

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How to create multiple time series

Hi all,

Lets say that i have three levels of variables..Level 1 with 100 categories, Level 2 with 10 categories and level 3 with 5 activities.

How could i create a times series for them per each category?, thus i am looking to create 100 x 10 x 5 time series.

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Re: How to create multiple time series

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Hello -

Can you please provide an example of what your are trying to archive? Something like here is the data I have, and this is the output I would like to see?

For example, is is not clear to me if you want to introduce a date variable to your data or if there is a time stamp already. What is your analysis variable (e.g. the measurement which you would like to observe over time)? Should all series start and end at the same date and which frequency do you have in mind?



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