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Forecast Studio

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Forecast Studio

Has SAS forecast studio has the ability to handle the following automatically ?

1. Additive Outliers

2, Temproary Shifts

3. Level shifts

or should all these has to be done manually ?

My other question, how is the holiday effect handled within Forecast Studio ?

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Re: Forecast Studio

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Hello -

SAS Forecast Studio is using the HPFDIAG procedure behind the scenes for outlier detection.

Please consult: for information about the process.

This is true for the automatic outlier detection - if you would like to handle outliers manually, then please consider using the EVENTS facility of SAS Forecast Studio.

Holidays are handled by SAS Forecast Studio through the use of events as well. SAS Forecast Studio provides access to some holiday events, such as Easter out-of-the-box, but you can customize events to your needs manually. Behind the scenes it is using the HPFEVENTS procedure - not all features of the procedure are available in the GUI, though. Documentation can be found here:



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