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Can any one suggest me that What should be the value of these parameters in SAS Forecasting Studio:
1.Perform intermittency test. sensitivity
2.Perform seasonality test. sensitivity
3.Outlier detection-detect outliers
4.Maximum percentage of series
5.forecast studio only detect outliers in case of ARIMA?
6. What is the meaning of significance level in outlier detection can we use outliers for our forecasting.

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Re: Forcasting

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Hello -
These are a lot of very good questions - however, I'm afraid responding to them in a satisfactory manner is beyond the purpose of this discussion forum.

As a first step I would suggest to look up the online help documents for High-Perfromance Forecasting (the forecasting engine of Forecast Studio) which will provide you with lots of information about the default settings of each of the options.

You might want to consider to contact your SAS representative and discuss with him/her the possibilties of adressing your questions in person.

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Re: Forcasting

Thanks for your Suggetions.I had already gone through SAS HPF.But i am unable to get answers of these questions..So please help me for these questions.
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