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Expert Selection/Automatic model in SAS forecasting systems

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Expert Selection/Automatic model in SAS forecasting systems

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Starting this discussion to know and explore more about the Forecasting methods in SAS.

I often use the several forecasting techniques in software or tool like SAP APO Demand Planning and Forecast Pro Trac to generate basic statistical forecast as a baseline.

We do this for thousands of product and above tools are pretty good at their job. Both tools have the feature of applying Automodel or other tool call it Expert Selection, this feature allows you to forecast multiple thousands of products AT SAME TIME and the tools intelligently selects the model for each of the products in the dataset based on its history, later this models can be optimized by changing the alpha, beta , gamma,..........etc...etc.....

     When I tried using the SAS system's PROC ESM and PROC Forecast I couldn't find any option to apply the automodel or the expert selection which caused same model to be applied to all the products irrespective of the history and the pattern thereof exhibited by every product. Is there any way to achieve what we want or these PROC's are meant to be used for individual products.

Whereas I see the automodel in Time Series Forecasting System GUI of SAS.


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