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EMiner question on forecasting without ETS

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EMiner question on forecasting without ETS

I have a project where I need to forecast an analysis variable for 12months. I have plenty of data - 24 months worth structured as a transaction dataset. However, the problems are:

1) I have EM 5.3 desktop version which does not include the Time Series node.
2) I do not have ETS which enables Proc Forecast (or Time Series) to run.
3) I installed the Trend Regression extension node provided by the book "Data Preparation" by Gerhart Svolba but it only looks at two timeperiods at a time and only provides a single value; however I do like using the node for other projects.

I do not want to create a separate model to predict a value for each month, ex. "Regression model 1 for month 1" thru "Regression model 12 for month 12".

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can tackle this challenge?
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Re: EMiner question on forecasting without ETS

Hello -
This thread: might be of interest.
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Re: EMiner question on forecasting without ETS

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, the posts in that discussion support what I first assumed...we really need ETS.

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