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Define linesize option in Forecast Server 3.1

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Define linesize option in Forecast Server 3.1

I am encountering a failure in fscreate that is posting an error message to the user's HPF log.  It is something we have encountered before, and know how to resolve.  Unfortunately, the HPF log is not stating the exact timeseries that is causing the error.

eERROR: Exception caught during diagnostics of the variable TOTAL_ADJ_SALES_QTY_PSA.

nNOTE: BY line has been truncated at least once.

nNOTE: The above message was for the following BY group:


In this case, I know the BY variable is SKU_CLUSTER, which is not being listed in the error at all.  The apparent answer is to set linesize=max, from the current setting of 102.  However, I cannot get the setting to take.  It is being set in a custom file, which is being called in  This method is being used successfully for other options and variables.  My best guess is that the setting is being overridden somewhere else, but I have been able to determine where.  Any other references to linesize that have been found also set to max.  I have cycled all the associated services to no avail.

Any insight is appreciated.



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Re: Define linesize option in Forecast Server 3.1

There is not one there are many.

a/ The autoexec is for statements the config for options, check the files.
b/ It is at each appserver level as default and usermods, it is at each server (WS SP) as default and usermods

c/ It is at the configuration-level and

d/ and the installation level (Foundation) and as default within modules installation and config-files.

f/ It can be hidden in the startup-source  of a solution. Having seen this with Eminer start.

g/ A solution can offer his own modifications after the start.

That are a very lot locations and files were some sas setting can be done.

You have to deduce that to a more understandable selection. When this process is started using a WS server. Start a SAS session using the WS-os script there and verify all options/settings (using a base-foundation classic approach).

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Re: Define linesize option in Forecast Server 3.1

Thanks Jaap.  I mapped out all the references to different autoexecs and configuration files, but could only find the definition to be max.  I am leaning towards your options f or g, especially after a text search of the configuration directories and SAS installation did not turn up anything else.  When I use EG to connect to the SASApp workspace server, I get 102, but when I connect to SASMeta it picks up the max setting.

Sounds like it is time to open a track.



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