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Announcing SAS Forecast Server Client

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Announcing SAS Forecast Server Client

SAS Forecast Server Client, the new web-based client for Forecast Server, is now available. The new client combines functionality of SAS Time Series Studio and SAS Forecast Studio into a single user interface. Through point-and-click, users can segment data by creating rule-based and query-based segmentation strategies, create modeling strategies for hierarchical forecasting, create exception rules to identify forecast values that meet a specific criterion (such as MAPE greater than 5), and determine the accuracy of forecasts over time through tracking analysis. It contains building blocks that make it easy to share and reuse data definitions, segmentation strategies, modeling strategies, and exception strategies. The software performs parallel execution of the modeling tasks for improved performance. In addition, users can run projects both interactively and in batch mode using the same user interface. Finally, you can use code-based segmentation strategies and modeling strategies to extend the out-of-the-box functionality of SAS Forecast Server.

Here is a six minute demo of SAS Forecast Server Client:

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