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AR(1) model in Sas 9.4

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AR(1) model in Sas 9.4

Hey guys,

I have an unbalanced panel data containing accounting information on US firms from 1976-2014.

I wish to do the following AR(1) mean-reverting process:

I have calculated the input series RIR, so i need to do the estimations in SAS, is it even possible? I only have SAS 9.4 and no addons such as sas ET etc.

I don't wan't work with a unbalanced panel data, so i wan't do the estimation each year, only for firms that have data 7 years prior to the estimation date.

I am thinking somekind of do function, that only uses the firms with 7 years of data, each year.

I am really new to SAS and programming in general, so really need all the help that i can get.

Best regards.

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