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why we use eg

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why we use eg

for which porpose we use eg and etl.Please explaine me
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Re: why we use eg

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See cross-post - link below:

Scott Barry
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Related Google advanced search argument, this topic / post:

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Re: why we use eg

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Hi, SAS Data Integration Studio (DI Studio) was formerly called SAS ETL Studio (ETL is a common acronym or short-hand term that Data Administrators use to describe the extract, transform and load process that is used to build and maintain a data warehouse and/or data marts.)

Most data administrators use DI Studio to build processes and tables which update the data warehouses and data marts that are used by business analysts and report managers to perform analyses and build reports. Generally, it is the business analysts and report managers who use SAS Enterprise Guide in order to access the tables and OLAP cubes and data marts which have been built using SAS DI Studio ETL (extract, transform, load) processes.

Again, as Scott suggests, a search of on some of these key terms should allow you to find some overview documents.

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