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where can I see .sasrc file through SAS EG

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where can I see .sasrc file through SAS EG

I use SAS v9 through SASEG on Unix box and everytime when I open a SASEG session, I have to assign library to the data library I want to use. I know if I change .sasrc, I won't need do this everytime. Anyboday can help?
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Re: where can I see .sasrc file through SAS EG

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I am not exactly sure what you mean by the .sasrc file, perhaps you mean the file??

This Tech Support document of FAQs about library definitions with Enterprise Guide 3.x
may help you get a better idea of how to do what you need to do. Much of what you find in this document will work for EG 4, too.

If this note doesn't help you, then your best bet for figuring out how to get your libnames assigned in EG given your particular system configuration is to contact Tech Support:

If you are not using EG 3, then Tech Support can help you figure out the correct library assignment method for EG 4, too.

Good luck,
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