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unlocking a projekt

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unlocking a projekt


We have a project and when we did run a query, it crashed.
No then trying to run the project, it says "it is already running".

Where is the temp files that is locking the project. want to remove those to unlock project.
Or do any one have a link that give a explain how to resolve this problem. I cant find anything.

the projct is on a server but is the local file:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\SAS\EnterpriseGuide\4.2\ProjectRecovery\Recovery

can this file lock a file?

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Re: unlocking a projekt

You probably want to call tech support on this. There may be several things going on.

First, nomeclature. A project is not "on a server". EGuide and SAS work in a client-server configuration. The project file (.egp) is used by EGuide on the client and sends SAS code to the server (whether local or remote). Without untangling some of the nomenclature, it is difficult to help.

"Crash" is a bit non-specific. Did the query just stop responding? Then you killed EGuide? If so, the query is still running on the server. If the SAS server is local, you can kill the SAS server (via Task Manager). If remote, you may need your administrator to kill the processes that are associated with your (killed) EGuide session.

Windows is pretty bad about leaving stuff in undetermined state after problems. You should reboot your workstation after a problem to return to a steady-state.

Again, the best route for clearing up a problem like this is Tech Support.

Doc Muhlbaier
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