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system architech of sas

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system architech of sas

please explain me system architech of sas
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Re: system architech of sas

You will find much (free!) information at the SAS support website, for example, either using the SEARCH option at the website or using a Google advanced search argument, such as the one below.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Google advanced search arguments, this topic / post:

sas etl introduction

system architecture

introduction data step programming

sas elearn

system introduction
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Re: system architech of sas

In addition to Scott's excellent suggestions, there is a difference between the architecture of "Foundation SAS" and the architecture of the SAS Platform for Business Analytics (also known as the BI Platform). For a deeper understanding of the SAS Platform for Business Analytics, you would want to look at the Platform Administrator documentation and overview documents -- also available via a search of the SAS web site.

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Re: system architech of sas

I saw this post and would like to append to it as my question is sort of in the same vein as this one. I'm extremely new to SAS and will be dealing with it from an engineer perspective (system maint, monitoring, etc). Between the all the tiers and components involved - Weblogic App servers, MySQL DBs, stored process servers, and metadata servers - I am having a difficult time determining where to start with all the free info on the SAS site. I cannot attend a class right now, but would like to know from some seasoned veterans where I should focus my efforts to achieve the best foundation for SAS.

Thank you!
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Re: system architech of sas


As Cynthia suggested a good place to start to find out more about the SAS platform is the platform administration documentation available from the site.

I would suggest starting out with SAS® 9.2 Intelligence Platform Overview, Second Edition available in PDF format from and viewable in HTML format at

I would also highly recommend the SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track training course (

I keep a 'reading list' of resources that I have found useful in my work as a platform administrator on my blog at

Hope you find this useful.

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Re: system architech of sas

Thanks, Paul!
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