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stored Process in Excel page breaks

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stored Process in Excel page breaks

I have a stored process that I'm using to output data into excel with multiple tabs

To make it simple I use a proc print with a pageby

one of the by variables has too many lines of output and I'm getting a pagebreak in the sheet. Is there any way to avoid this?
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Re: stored Process in Excel page breaks

I do not believe that you can control the page-breaking with SAS -- once the stored process got to Excel -- every person who runs that stored process could set different page layout and printing options that would impact the place where Excel put page breaks.

Is there anyway to make your BY groups "smaller" by adding more BY variables into the BY statement???

Also, this is one of those instances where it might be useful to see your stored process code and for you to explain how you populate the multiple tabs (whether the stored process does it automatically or whether you are creating new sheets by selecting "New Sheet" in the popup window for the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office.)

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