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series plots using Enterprise Guide (EG)

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series plots using Enterprise Guide (EG)

Hi experts, 

i have some series plots in excel that i am trying to automate in sas (EG). i have used multiple line plots in the  Enterprise Guide put the graph is messy. in the mean time there is series plot in SAS studio and am wondering if someone can help me on how to do series plots in sas  Enterprise Guide. the line plots use Gplot and the series plots use SGplot which is an enhanced graph than the Gplot. This is not Time series.



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Re: series plots using Enterprise Guide (EG)

I don't know if this is available via point and click but the code in Studio and be used in EG, assuming they're both the same version.


The GUI's get you 90% of the way there, but at some point you'll have to code. You can also open a code node and manually program it. 

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Re: series plots using Enterprise Guide (EG)

Here is some code

ods listing  gpath='d:/png';
ods graphics on / width=8in imagefmt=png imagename="spaghetti";
title "Spaghetti Plots";
proc sgplot data=emprol;
series x=educ y=salary/  group=jobtime name='grouping' grouplc=jobtime lineattrs=(pattern=solid) ;
keylegend 'grouping' / type=linecolor;
ods graphics off;
ods listing close;


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