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saving logs from Enterprise guide

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saving logs from Enterprise guide


We are in the middle of productionalizing a EG 6.1 system and need to file logs.  

In Batch Sas the sas log can be named at start-up.

In Interactive SAS it is fairly easy to use the DM command to go to the log, name and file the log.

In both those techniques, there is no human interaction required.


SAS project logs are a wonderful idea and we like them very much, but there are several issues we have with them.

I am wondering if others or developers have any ideas of how to address them. 


The major issue is that when the project log fills up, the only way that we can deal with it is to go to project properties, and export and/or clear the entire project log.  This loses the history within the project though it could be in the external file. 


It would seem like there should be some method to either roll off the oldest logs, and/or to have an option to also create a external log with a file name.


The methods I can think of to get around them are:


1.  Get the EG developers to do the above, but of course that is long term.

2.  Insert proc printto code to route the logs to files, but then the log does not appear in the eg log window.  The saved log could be read and then printed to the eg log.  I guess this will work, but seems clumsy.

3.  There is an export log in project task that could be inserted after each program, but that doesnt allow macro variables to specify the path.  This is necessary as the system moves to different directories.

4. The export project log as a project task, requires that an object be selected and seems counter intuitive it is just to save the project log.

5. Finally, there are vb scripts to run externally from eg to export logs, though the drawback is an additional step outside of the project.



I probably missed something along the way.  If anyone has any ideas or experiences I would very much like to hear about them.

Please email me at  

Eg developers, please consider dealing with this as the SAS logs are critical, but it is difficult to archive them at this time.


Steve First


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Re: saving logs from Enterprise guide

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Indeed, project logs are a great idea.


You might be interested in moving from SAS EG 6.1 to SAS EG 7.1: 


Most probably your SAS Base version is supported by 7.1 too, but please check it here: 

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Re: saving logs from Enterprise guide

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The additional logging feature in v7.1 is related to Application logging - a diagnostic tool for helping to resolve support issues. That's not related to the Project Log.

But I agree: v7.1 is better with some cool additions! And works fine on back-level SAS versions (at least 9.3 and later).

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Re: saving logs from Enterprise guide

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Hi Steve,


had you find a way to export then log automatically ?


I trying to do this but have no success.



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