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sas report

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sas report



I have one job which generates excel report weekly basis.

now i got assignment like i have to remove ROWS which have zero(0) value in excel report.


i have to delete thows rows only without deleting those colums so can i have any solution on this.


Note: this is sas code which executes daily basis in job& creates excel report.

Now the job is getting failled again and again just because of these zero(0) presents in particular columns so i want to delete that row which have zero(0) into their columns but i dont wanna remove columns .



Thank u

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Re: sas report

If column XXXX in a SAS dataset shall not be zero, use

if XXXX ne 0;

(subsetting if) during creation of the dataset.

If you want rows excluded from a report, use this dataset option in the data= part of the PROC statement:

(where=(XXXX ne 0))
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Re: sas report

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Re: sas report

We don't have enough information to answer. 


If Excel report is generated by proc report for instance, your columns maybe a row I'm your dataset.


The he general premise is to add/modify your WHERE code, filtering records you are not interested in. 



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Re: sas report

Another approach that may be feasible is presummarize data then filter before using the report procedure to format the output.


You will need to provide example data, procedure code and tell us which output rows are not acceptable if you want tested code.

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