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sas proc report

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sas proc report

hi all 

i am new to sas and using SAS EG

i am trying to do two things using proc report

my data is following

h1 | rgu

sales | 700

wow | .5

what i want to do is format alignment of h1 column that if value is sales then align to right, if value is wow then align h1 column to left.

also i am able to change the wow rgu value to percent but how do i color it to red if negative and green if positive.

any suggestions would help

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Re: sas proc report

Hi, and welcome to the SAS community!


PROC REPORT is an amazing tool, but to be honest it's a challenge for new users. I've just climbed that learning curve because of a new project.


I'm pretty sure what you want can be fairly easily done using PROC REPORT, and probably not with anything else, but I don't have the time to go through the trial-and-error to figure it out.


I'm pretty sure you'll want to use the STYLE features in PROC REPORT. I can suggest two things:


This link show an example of using PROC REPORT to change style elements; in particular, check out the "compute sales" block, where the characteristics of data are used to change the style of the cell.


 The other thing I do is google furiously for the result I'm trying to get. There are some amazing papers out there where PROC REPORT experts show how to accomplish these tasks.


One last comment; I'm fairly sure you won't be able to get your result using the "List Report" task, you'll most likely have to write SAS code to do this.


Good luck!



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Re: sas proc report

You should post it at ODS and Base Reporting



data have;
input h1 $ rgu;
sales   700
wow   .5
wwe   -.5

proc format;
value fmt

proc report data=have nowd;
columns h1 rgu;
define h1/display style={cellwidth=40};
define rgu/display style={backgroundcolor=fmt.};
compute h1;
 if h1='sales' then call define(_col_,'style','style={just=right}');


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