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sas eg auditing (workspace server logs enable)

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sas eg auditing (workspace server logs enable)

Hi All,

1)questions regarding the auditing on the e.g users , so where should we get all the details of users login time and tables accessed.

2)how to enable the workspace server logs as I know all the logs for E.G related work will direct to workspace server log. can we read this log as input file to do the report as customized?


thanks in advance!

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Re: sas eg auditing (workspace server logs enable)

The default workspace server logs only contain the log of startup and shutdown, as all other log content is directed to the EG client.

To change this, use the logconfig.xml in your Workspace Server configuration directory.

General logon/logoff times are hard to create, as each metadata access is treated as a separate entity in the metadata server log.

The Object Spawner log can be used to retrieve startup/shutdown times for workspace servers.


Also look at the SAS Environment Manager if you're working with 9.4.

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Re: sas eg auditing (workspace server logs enable)



In addition to Kurt's update, 2 consecutives articles might help you, see below:

  Auditing data access: who did what and when?

  Part 2: Auditing data access, who did what and when?


If necessary, about enabling the log for your SAS servers, you should find all details from the SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Fourth Edition documentation and its Administering Logging for SAS Servers chapter.




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