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"get values" table scan

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"get values" table scan

Is there some option to persuade the Query Filter to limit its scan of the underlying data when I press the "Get Values" button ?

At present the scan takes far too long because the table is large


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Re: "get values" table scan


EG 4.1 with the latest hotfixes and EG 4.2 both get the values in batches. You should see a "Get Values" button that, when clicked, retrieves the first batch of values. If there are more values to retrieve, you'll see a "More Values" button to click so you can get the next batch.

Are you seeing that interaction and if so, are you finding that the operation still takes a long time?

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Re: "get values" table scan

Posted in reply to ChrisHemedinger
many thanks Chris,

we don't see that "batches" button,
we'll give that hotfix a try.

appreciate the support

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Re: "get values" table scan

In our implementation we have chosen to design our data marts using star schemas. One reason was that in EG, the "Get values..." would in most cases access a dimension table, which in most cases are much smaller in size than the fact table (or a corresponding demoralized table).

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