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"The results are large.." EG warning prompt

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"The results are large.." EG warning prompt

I have some code that I have scheduled to run, which fails because of a warning prompt. My code that I'm running is taking 4 query results and creating a formatted excel workbook with 4 worksheets on it, one for each query.

"The results are large (8426192 bytes) and could take a long time and a large amount of system resources to add to the project.

Do you want to continue adding the results to the project?"

Is there any code I can call out at the beginning of my string to turn off/suspend these warnings?
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Re: "The results are large.." EG warning prompt

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This is happening when running a scheduled job? That sounds like a defect in the product. I suggest that you report it to SAS technical support and we'll take a closer look at it.

In the meantime, you might be able to work around it by bumping up the number in Tools->Options->Results General: "Prompt before opening results larger than..."

The default is 5MB. Try changing it to 10 for the example you mentioned.

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Re: "The results are large.." EG warning prompt

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Your fix worked perfectly. The end result of my process creates a multi-sheet excel file which is about 6MB. I made the change you suggested, and everything is working fine. Thanks.
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