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"Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

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"Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

Is it possible in SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 to have multiple windows of prompts?  For example, if the user selects a "yes" or "no" from a drop-down prompt and clicks on the "RUN" button, it will load another window of prompts based on the selection of the user?

What I am trying to do is have certain prompts suppressed based on the drop-down selection from the user.  The drop-downs are a static list of options that I have setup.

I have searched online and through multiple SAS papers, but have been unsuccessful at finding any solutions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

Cascading prompts?

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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

I wasn't thinking cascading prompts.  Those require dependency's on previous prompts.  Also, they require a dynamic list.  The prompts that I currently have in my stored process are all static.

What I was wondering is, when you run the stored process, the prompt window appears.  The user will then fill in all of the prompts and click 'Run' at the bottom.  Based on the choices here, a second prompt window would appear with additional prompts for the user to input before the program runs.

The reason I am asking about this is because there are a few prompts that I was looking to suppress or have on a second window based on the first and second prompt selection.  Depending on what the user chooses, a few prompts may not be required.

I have been looking around online for some time now, and the only option that I have to go with is make certain prompts not required to run the program.  So instead of not suppressing the prompt, the user could leave it blank.  But it would look cleaner if the prompt was just hidden or grayed out.

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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

In that case, I would either try to use javascript in a dynamically generated web page that calls the STP, or have a primary STP that does all the prompts (repeatedly calling itself with status parameters) and then calls the "real" STP that does the work.

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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

If the content of the prompts is available before running anything, then you need selection groups:

If the content of the second prompt is dynamically generated @KurtBremser 's suggestion works. Also see chaining Stored Processes:

SAS(R) 9.4 Stored Processes: Developer's Guide, Second Edition

But this is useful only if you use SPs throug the web interface, not EG.

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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

We do have a custom task that allows you to build in a simple prompt anywhere within your SAS Enterprise Guide process flow:

You might be able to use this to design the workflow that you want.  Combine it with process flow dependencies (user-defined links between tasks) and maybe even Conditions within the process flow.  The prompt types are very simple and not dynamic, but have a look and see if it gets you further...


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Re: "Daisy Chain" Prompt Windows??

Thank you gergely.batho,

I was able to use the selection groups to get the prompt window to function properly.

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