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problem macro variables generates from a prompt

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problem macro variables generates from a prompt

Hi everyone,

I've defined one prompt which gives the choice between two distinct values from a static list (I can choose one value or the other or both in the same time).

Then, I use conditional processing between two branches with a condition using this "prompt" macro variables.

The problem is: when I execute the flow once with both value chosen in my prompt window, it generates two macro variable that I can use throughout the code (let's called them x1 and x2).

If I execute again the project and take only one value that time, x1 changes but x2 keep the old value, resulting in undesired results in my conditional processing.

The thing is that it doesn't seem possible to do conditional processing with prompt taking multiple values, so I have to make my conditional processing with macro variables entries instead...

Thanks for your help/suggestions,

Kind regards,


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