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populate specific cells in excel using SAS/EG

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populate specific cells in excel using SAS/EG



I receive 100 monthly files already pre-populated with extensive data from an Oracle database. I need to add 5 numbers from a SAS dataset to specific cell locations in each file. I'm using Enterprise Guide and don't have DDE, nor is copy/paste an efficient approach.


Before anyone asks, I cannot re-create the excel files and don't have access to the Oracle source data. And I know DDE is frowned upon, but it would work perfectly in this case since it gives direct control to populate specific cells. Alas,...,


I've been tinkering with the libname PCFILES option to connect to an excel file (which works successfully!), and then trying various strategies to populate the specific cells. This is where I'm stuck, was wondering if the sql update option could work (something along the lines of - update myxls.'Sheet1$'n) but not sure how to reference the cells and not just the sheet.


Any suggestions on the above or in general would be appreciated!




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Re: populate specific cells in excel using SAS/EG

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This is one possible solution:


A Poor/Rich SAS Users Proc Export - sasCommunity



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