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path problem in sas code

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path problem in sas code

We have Unix sas sever and with the default path /opt/SAS/SAS_ENV/Lev1/SASMain/. When I try to point to my local computer 'c:\temp\wantreg.txt', I got the error Physical file does not exist, /opt/SAS/SAS_ENV/Lev1/SASMain/c:\temp\wantreg.txt.

Is there a way to let sas server know I am trying to point to my local computer?

Thanks for help.
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Re: path problem in sas code

Hi! Your machine's local location is NOT the same as the network location that can be read by the server machine. For example, when you are working on your machine, the location looks like c:\temp to you, but EVERYBODY in the network has their own C drive. So on the network, there is probably some naming scheme like this:


where \\xxyy123 is the network name of your machine and root is the name for YOUR root drive (which you see as a C drive) or you may have a different naming convention at your company:

\\\WXP, where they use multi-level domain names for your machine's name and some other name for the root folder on your machine.

And, you have to test whether a connection from the server machine to your machine via this method is even possible. You may need to change your folder sharing settings. The solution may be as simple as defining the right FILENAME statement for your system configuration.

Or, your company may use disk mapping software on the system that makes your machine look like just another drive to the UNIX box and they may give your box a different (mapped) name. It may be easier to talk to your system folks and work out a way for you to have a directory on the server machine where you could write files that need to be read with your EG programs and/or stored processes. Or to define a table in the metadata that will sit empty most of the time until you "fill" it with the information from your local file. There are a lot of different alternatives, depending on what exactly it is that you need to do.

If you are trying to set up some kind of batch submission of an EG project you might refer to this Tech Support document for EG 3.0:
Tech Support would be the appropriate place to go for more help on this issue, as they can determine exactly which version of EG and the BI Platform that you are running and can make the right suggestion for how to get your file in a place where you can read it. You can contact Tech Support via phone or from this form:

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