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parameter estimate for PROC GLM slow on EG

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parameter estimate for PROC GLM slow on EG


I am testing some code developed on PC SAS on our new EG server and I noticed that some procedures are very slow on EG. I am running this simple code below:

  ods output ParameterEstimates=_LinEst;

    ods listing close;

    proc glm data=_LinearData;

   model Log2Fam = reg_cycle / Solution;

   by Plate WellID;



It takes 15 seconds on PC SAS but more than 11 minutes on EG server. The input data set has more than 100000 row. Is it slow on EG because SAS need to send a lot of information from the server to the client with the ods output? How can make this procedure faster on EG ?


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Re: parameter estimate for PROC GLM slow on EG

If your intent is to suppress the ODS "printed output" (because it may be large), then try this:

In your process flow, right-click on the program that generates all of the results, select Properties.

Click the Results tab. Select "Customize results formats, styles, and behavior".

UNCHECK all of the results output formats.

UNCHECK "Automatically open data and results"

See if that runs faster.  This will tell EG to not generate its default ODS statements for creating SAS Report or HTML output.


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Re: parameter estimate for PROC GLM slow on EG

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Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your answer. It is now much faster.


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