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not able to see SAS report in Eg

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not able to see SAS report in Eg

I am not able to see SAS report output in EG which i am generating through list data.
I have done settings in Tools->Option and selected SAS report also .
I am getting this warning and because of that i am not getting output.
WARNING: No output destinations active.
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Re: not able to see SAS report in Eg

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It seems like your ODS destinations are being closed. The only statement I know of that will close ODS destinations are:
ods _all_ close;
or specific
ods {destination} close;

But, the List Data task does not normally close any destinations. Generally, EG adds ODS wrapper code around the task code based on the result type you choose under Tools --> Options.

You might examine your LOG to see if you also have a WARNING message that says:
WARNING: Tagset TAGSETS.SASREPORT11 not found; the default tagset will be used instead.

In either case (misplaced CLOSE or TAGSET not found), I think this is a question that is best answered by Tech Support -- since the behavior you experience is not the usual EG behavior.

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