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new column creation with date.

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new column creation with date.

Hi i am looking for some of the following creating of the new columns in query builder tagged with the dd from todays date.

As this column will be created after the join.



column name: x_12,y_12,z_12 



*Note : dataset1 is of 12th march 2018


new data set

Dataset2: x_12,y_12,z_12,x_13,y_13,z_13


*Note: dataset2 contains columns names of 13th march2018.

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Re: new column creation with date.

For this specific situation you can create a macro variable that holds the required date for variable naming.
But this itches a bit. I mean, how will your data set look the 14th? Do you add another three columns (and potentially drop the 12th ones)?
I don't think that query builder is suited for such dynamic data set structures.
And, IMO in 99% of the cases such structures are unnecessary. Have a date column instead, and then solve any reporting needs in another tool/way.
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Re: new column creation with date.

no im not dropping any column, i just looking alternate way in query builder for dynamic structure.
Yes i know this can be done by putting the date column ..but the dataset size will increase on daily basis vertically .... as the records are around 40lakhs
while when you increase the data set horizontally then the no. of observation remains the same. only variable increases.
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