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migration of sas EG projects

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migration of sas EG projects

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Hello experts,

Please,  I would like to ask some questions about the sas EG project migration


1 - Is it possible to migrate sas EG 4.3  projects to EG 7.1 projects automatically ?

This migration will update the server name, project path and all the things necessary for sas EG 7.1 Projects


2 - When we create a sas EG project, with some sas files, f1, f2, ...fn, we can update , delete and add file, can we do that automatically ?


3 - running a sas EG 7.1 project  by click on ?  what's about the dependency between the sas projects ? for example

project 1 call project2 call project 3 project n


4 - At the end, what is the avantage of sas EG project and the disavantage ?

Thank you


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Re: migration of sas EG projects



i am currently working on one such migration, however we are migrating from SAS Eg 5.1 to SAS 7.1. I might be able to help you in some of the questions below:


1 - Yes, this is possible, when you open the SAS 4.3 projects in SAs 7.1, the SAs automatically tells you that the project was created in previous version, do you want to import it? It did in SAS 5.1  EG.


2 - I didn't get what exactly do you want to do here? When we open or modify the SAS EG project, it's saved as a EGP file which is more like an archive, and contains all the SAS codes/Tasks inside the file and an XML file too(project.xml).


3- All programs in the SAS EG are interlinked by their paths. %LET _CLIENTPROJECTPATH defines the path of each sas program in the EGP file.

4 - SAS EG has advanage over BASE SAS/SAs DMW when you are not much aware in SAS programming. SAS EG is visual flow programming, ou create tasks and flows of what you want to do, instead of writing the sas code/datasep.

By default SAs Eg produces PROC SQL of verything and it takes very less programming effort.


One disadvantage of SAS EG is that, the exported SAS code is not able to run in host/mainframe. 


You can see this link for the advantages and disadvantages.


Hope this helps!


Cheers from India!

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Re: migration of sas EG projects

@ll: Thank you all for your answer.

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Re: migration of sas EG projects



(This is about the migration).

Best option in my opinion if you have multiple projects to migrate is to use the Migration Wizard.

It will update/map your existing references such as servers, libraries, external files, etc.

This video will explain it to you:

  SAS Enterprise Guide Migration Wizard




In this video, we will use the SAS Enterprise Guide Migration Wizard to upgrade several projects at the same time to the latest version of Enterprise Guide. Watch to see how you can create a Migration Record File which saves the reference mappings from a whole set of upgraded projects. Then see ...
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Re: migration of sas EG projects

@Damo : Thank you very much.

That was about SAS EG projetct, but about a migration of afolder with ( sas files, externales files- .txt,.doc,   -  , . egp)





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Re: migration of sas EG projects

@Damo ,

Please, we observe that, when we migrate a sas EG projet P, P is linked to sas program /rep/v2/

If we delete from the project P and add a new program  /rep/v3/ and save the project P

The project sill linked usually to /rep/v2/

Why it does not link to  /rep/v3/ ?

Thank you.




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Re: migration of sas EG projects

Hello @LineMoon,


I think several of your questions are having good answers. 

The migration of the EG projects are quite easy and much quicker with the Wizard than without the it, they only need some special attention during the mapping step.


If you have a folder (or set of folders with the EG 4.3 projects (and dependent files) my best sugestion is to create a copy of those folders to a different location. Then, with the EG Migration Wizard, update the copied projects to the new locations. On that way, you can always have your old projects, compare, and have a good rollback option in case anything fails.


And, about the EG projects, well, the main advantage is to be able to be in control of your Flows and it is an interface that can be understood by anyone. Data Integration does the same job, and with better control, but then you need additional skills.

As disavantage, probably the only one is that EG projects are binaries instead of readable files, and you need to migrate them. but with the Wizard the job is really easy.



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